Paint protection film is a more extreme form of protecting the paintwork of your vehicle. Unlike chemical protectants such as coating, sealants and natural coatings such as waxes, PPF can protect against stone chips, small objects and even harsh chemical liquids.

Paint-protection film is generally made from a tough, clear, flexible acrylic, urethane or polyurethane film, with exceptional immunity against scratches and stains.

Flexishield Paint Protection Film also has the ability to self heal, meaning if you get a scratch on your car, the scratch will heal and become completely invisible.

Paint Protection Film can be compared with a vinyl wrap, but this wrap is completely transparent and designed to protect the paint layer underneath, preserving the appearance of your factory paint, colour and condition.

Paint Protection Film has similar hydrophobic properties and gloss levels as coatings and waxes; however; is around 10 times the thickness of a coating or wax, and is permanent, meaning until you decide to remove the film it, wont come off.

When paint protection film is worn, due to damage or age, it can be removed, revealing factory paint, preserved from the day you installed the film.

Ultra Deep Gloss

Easily the biggest visual difference between FlexiShield PPF and competitor films is the clarity and gloss when comparing them side by side.

Thanks to FlexiShields higher grade adhesive technology, there is no haze or orange peel that feature heavily in other options on the market.

Couple that with the self healing properties and you no longer have to worry about buffing, swirl marks from washing your vehicle or scratches. Just ultimate shine and depth at all times.

Self Healing

The top layer of the PPF has impressive and fast self healing capabilities. If a scratch grazes the film, as long as it hasn’t gone through the top layer it will self heal with the assistance of heat. The average depth of tree marks and keying will self heal!

To regenerate the film back to new, simply pour a hot kettle over the film and watch the swirls and scratches dissolve.

Hydrophobic & Ultra Stain Resistance

“Hydrophobic” is one of the biggest paint protection buzz words in the car scene at the moment. Simply meaning that the surface easily repels dirt and water. Increasing how easy the vehicle is to clean and maintain.

Our film is so repellent that it not only has ultra high stain resistance (even bat poo won’t penetrate), it will repel dirt, water and bugs simply slip off the film. No more excessive scrubbing and permanent bug stains.