Ceramic Coatings Provide:

The Finest Glossiest Finish

Ceramic coatings provide the finest deepest, glossiest wet appearance for your vehicle.


A Ceramic Coating layer marks above 9H hardness, which is the same hardness of quartz glass. This extremely hard glass coating layer will protect your car from scratches. Scratches will be on the ceramic coating layer so that it works as “a sacrificial layer” on your vehicle.

Hydrophobic Properties

Ceramic Coatings allow water to form water droplets and slip off on the surface quickly. As dirt isn’t able to stick to the paint, it makes cleaning and maintenance easy.

Chemical and UV Resistance

Chemicals such as acidic fluids, bird droppings and dead bugs are unable to penetrate through the Ceramic Coating layer protecting your paint underneath. The ceramic coating also works as a barrier against the sun (UV) which prevents oxidization and deterioration of your clear coat and paint layers which causes fading and deterioration in your paint.


The adhesion of a Ceramic Coating layer is extremely high, unlike most sealants and waxes, depending on the coating, you can expect between 1 to 8 years durability, shine and protection on your vehicle.

Car Wax and Sealants vs Glass Coatings

Car Wax and Sealants

Car waxes and sealants are usually made of oil or natural components. Over time, these deteriorate and degrade.

Contaminants will cause the gloss levels and protection to degrade over a short time, usually 1 to 6 months.

Over time, a wax or sealant will degrade to the point where your vehicles paint is now exposed to the elements, increasing the likelihood of damage to your vehicles paint.

Once this happens, a complete wash, decontamination and possible paint correction of your paintwork will be required before reapplication of another form of protection.


Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic coatings do not oxidize or deteriorate, which means it can protect your vehicle from harsh elements for much longer.

A ceramic coating also can provide antifouling properties, that is extremely hard and durable (like glass) and it’s surface is extremely slick and smooth, meaning the adhesion of dirt and debris is significantly less.