A professionally applied fabric protection consists of the application of a semi-permanent transparent barrier on your vehicle’s interior ‘soft’ surfaces.

Fabric protection is designed to repel liquids and block stains without changing the look and feel of the fabric.

Interior treatment’s coat each and every strand of your car’s upholstery multiple time’s to create a barrier around fabric and leather.

Spills and moisture are kept locked out of your car’s seating and carpets and are easily wiped away if any accidents do occur.

This means you can simply wipe the surface clean before the mess sinks in.

  • Designed Specifically for your vehicles interior fabrics, carpets & leather.
  • Designed to repel spills, making cleanup much easier.
  • Dries odourless, completely clear & is safe for your vehicles interior.
  • Will not change the characteristics or feel of your interior.
  • Designed not to impede on the breathability of fabrics.
  • Will retain the ‘New Car’ feel for much longer.
  • Retains the value of your vehicle.