Proper safe wash techniques are key in maintaining the appearance of your motorcycle, minimising the chances of inflicting damage to your pride & joy.

Here at Beauty & Beast Detailing we use modern equipment and products to safely wash and decontaminate your motorcycle.

Your motorcycle is washed using innovative high pressure steam. We’re Perth’s only detailing studio employing this technology, as the steam envelops all debris and contaminants and gently blasts them away, minimising the chances of inflicting damage to sensitive engine and electronic components. 

Unlike many other detailing facilities, we do not use high pressure water. The high pressure steam is strong enough to remove dirt, grease and debris from even hard to reach, sensitive areas of your motorcycle, with minimal chemicals. Not only is high pressure steam safe for your motorcycle, it is also safe on the environment.

We then use heated air to gently dry your motorcycle, followed by a gentle microfiber wipe.

Price Guide

From $150

*This price is subject to variability. Please contact us for a more accurate quote based on the characteristics of your motorcycle.

Your motorcycle may be required for a minimum of 2 to 4 hours

Deposit Required – Booking Essential