A detail designed to provide a deep clean and restoration. Your vehicle will be re-hydrated, feel fresh, completely cleansed and protected from the elements.

Safe wash methods are practised, preventing damage to your vehicles paint. 

Finally your vehicle will be protected with a durable Sio2 based spray coating forming a super slick glossy layer over the surface that may also fill in minor defects. You can expect to see up to 6 months protection from oxidisation and deterioration. 

Exterior Inclusions:

  • Wheels & Tires Cleaned and Decontaminated
  • Engine Bay Cleaned*
  • Engine Bay Dressed to OEM finish
  • Exterior Wash*
  • Decontamination
  • Dry & Dress Tires
  • Blow Dry Exterior
  • Clean Windows and Mirrors
  • Dress Exterior Plastics and non painted mouldings to OEM finish
  • Clean Door Jams
  • Application Ceramic Spray Coating 

*Excludes Removal of Red Dirt

Interior Inclusions:

  • Vacuum Interior Carpets and Seats*
  • Blow out Dust and Debris
  • Clean and Dress interior Dash, Trim and Console to OEM finish
  • Clean & Hydrate Leather
  • Spot Clean Fabrics
  • Wipe Down Vinyls and Plastics
  • Clean Interior Windows and Mirrors
  • Dress Door Seals and Rubbers
  • Apply Odour Eliminator and Scented Deodoriser
  • We do not cater or deal with red dirt detailing

*Excludes removal of Red Dirt, Pet Hair, Sand or Excessive Debris

Price Guide

From $390

*This price is subject to variability. Please contact us for a more accurate quote based on the characteristics of your vehicle.

Your vehicle may be required for a minimum of 6 hours

Booking Essential—Deposit Required