A detail designed to provide a deep clean and restoration. Your vehicle will be re-hydrated, feel fresh, completely cleansed and protected from the elements.

Safe wash methods are practised, preventing damage to your vehicles paint. 

Finally your vehicle will be protected with a durable Sio2 based spray coating forming a super slick glossy layer over the surface that may also fill in minor defects. You can expect to see up to 6 months protection from oxidisation and deterioration. 

Exterior Inclusions:

  • Wheels & Tires Cleaned and Decontaminated
  • Engine Bay Cleaned*
  • Engine Bay Dressed to OEM finish
  • Exterior Wash*
  • Decontamination
  • Dry & Dress Tires
  • Blow Dry Exterior
  • Clean Windows and Mirrors
  • Dress Exterior Plastics and non painted mouldings to OEM finish
  • Clean Door Jams
  • Application Ceramic Spray Coating 

*Excludes Removal of Red Dirt

Interior Inclusions:

  • Vacuum Interior Carpets and Seats*
  • Blow out Dust and Debris
  • Clean and Dress interior Dash, Trim and Console to OEM finish
  • Clean & Hydrate Leather
  • Spot Clean Fabrics
  • Wipe Down Vinyls and Plastics
  • Clean Interior Windows and Mirrors
  • Dress Door Seals and Rubbers
  • Apply Odour Eliminator and Scented Deodoriser
  • We do not cater or deal with red dirt detailing

*Excludes removal of Red Dirt, Pet Hair, Sand or Excessive Debris

Please contact us for an accurate quote based on the characteristics of your vehicle.

Your vehicle may be required for a minimum of 6 hours

Booking Essential—Deposit Required