A detail designed to present your new vehicle in absolute flawless condition, enhancing gloss and reflection prior to protecting it. 

The elements of this detail is specific to new vehicles enhancing the paintwork and protecting all surfaces, including your interior & windows.

Safe wash methods are practised, preventing damage to your vehicle’s paintwork and interior.

Darkest Legal window tinting is also applied to the windows of your vehicle, enhancing the appearance and maximising comfort.

Your vehicle’s interior will be protected to guard against spills, stains, marks and scuffs, guaranteed up to 9 Years.

All 4 Wheel Faces will be protected in a 9H Ceramic Coating, designed specifically for wheels, making them easier to clean and prevents the build up of brake dust and contaminants. 

Finally, your vehicle’s paint will be protected with a Crystal Ceramic Coating above 9H hardness, providing a wet, hydrophobic, glossy appearance, with upwards of 9 Years protection from oxidisation and deterioration – Guaranteed.

Ultimate Protect 9 Year Warranty

Your vehicle will be protected on the inside & out, including Window Tinting.

The interior of your vehicle will be coated in a semi permanent barrier, guarding against spills & stains.

The exterior of your vehicle will be coated in a Ceramic Coating above 10H hardness, providing a wet, hydrophobic, glossy appearance, protecting your paintwork from oxidisation and deterioration.

Darkest Legal Window Tinting is applied to all windows (except the windscreen & sunroof), providing maximum comfort in summer.

Exterior Inclusions

Wheels & Tires Cleaned and Dressed

Wash Exterior


Dry Exterior

Clean Exterior Windows and Mirrors

Dress Exterior Plastics and non-painted mouldings to OEM finish

Clean Door Jams

Application of Ceramic Wheel Coating to wheel faces

Application of Crystal Ceramic Coating, providing paint protection of 9 years.

Interior Inclusions

Vacuum Interior Carpets and Seats

Blow out Dust and Debris

Clean Interior Dash, Trim and Console to OEM finish

Clean Leather (where applicable)

Protect Leather, Fabrics, Carpets and all other surfaces with a Fabric Guard Protectant of 9 years

Clean Interior Windows and Mirrors

Dress Door Seals and Rubbers

Final Inspection of entire vehicle, pre handover

Completion of warranty information & submission

Window Tinting

Darkest Legal Window Tinting – to all Windows 

Lifetime Warranty on Tint